Rajula Malusahi: Great Immortal Love Story of Uttarakhand

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Rajula Malusahi: Great Immortal Love Story of UttarakhandRajula Malusahi: Great Immortal Love Story of Uttarakhand

Rajula Malusahi: Great Immortal Love Story of Uttarakhand

     This love story is one of the great love stories of the world, but Adbhud is also. Love can also happen in dreams seen in deep sleep. The story is of the fifteenth century. There is a love story of Prince Malusahi of Katyur dynasty and Rajula, daughter of Shauka dynasty. There are 40 forms of this legend.

     Once a wealthy merchant of Sauka located in the area of ​​Panchachuli mountain range, Sunapati Hobby comes to visit Bagnath temple of Bageshwar on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti with his wife Ganguly Shaukyan. At that time, he had a good trade with the Huns of Bhot, he was satisfied with his business, but he had immense wealth, but he was very upset because he had no children of his own. His wife Ganguly Shaukyan was also a religious woman, wealth was prosperous and she was also very worried and unhappy due to not having children, both came to Bagnath Dham of Bageshwar to see Lord Bagnath at that time. At the same time, King Dulashahi of Bairath city had also come to the temple of Lord Bagnath with his queen Dharma Devi, see the leela of God that Paja Dulashahi Ra Mr. Dharma Devi Bob were standard but were anxious and depressed for the children so that they come to court with great hope Bagnath. Both the couples had the same agony and both asked for the same boon from Lord Bagnath, both of whom were first introduced at the gate of Bagnath here, both of them first embraced each other and then both vowed that one should be the son and the other the daughter. If received, we will tie them in the knot. The passage of time is the creation of God and the loveless, both women are pregnant and by the grace of Lord Bagnath, in the house of King Dulashahi, a son whose name is Malusahi and Sunapati Hobby is born in the house of a beautiful girl and named Rajula. The stream of time flows and time goes by, both of them see each other in a dream every night and get engaged. Childhood passes and both children grow up. One day suddenly, Rajula asked his mother that… ..

… Which direction is beloved in mother’s direction?

…… ..which tree is bigger in trees?

Who is in the Ganges?

Who is the God in the gods?

Which king among kings?

And in which countries?

Her mother also answered questions asked of curiosity –

…That in the directions the most beloved east direction which illuminates our novice earth,

Peepal is the largest among the trees because it contains the abode of the deity.

Bhagirathi in the Ganges who washes away all sins.

The largest of the deities is Mahadev Ashutosh,

Among the kings, Rangeela Malusahi is the king, and among the countries there is Rangilo Bairath.

     Hearing these things of the mother, Rajula smiled slowly and she told her mother that mother should marry me in Rangilo Bairath. Meanwhile, Rajula realizes that this time her father is going towards Bairath in connection with the business, Rajula also starts stubbornly going with her father. When the mother convinces the father, he is ready to take his daughter Rajula with him, the stream of time is flowing, destiny is playing its game, Rajula’s father is on the holy festival of Uttarani for his business Lord The holy city of Bagnath arrives at the Bagnath temple in Bageshwar with his daughter Rajula. See the leela of God that Rajula gets the vision of Malusahi by the grace of Bagnath, Rajularealizes that Raja Malusahi goes to visit Agnari Devi every morning, then Rajula’s desire to meet him started growing immensely. . One day Rajula also reached the temple of Devi after saving her father Sunapati hobby, after waiting a long time, Malusahi also reached the temple as usual, and Rajula was very happy to see him.

     At the same time, Malusahi also vows to Rajula that he will come to Darma one day to marry her and put MalusahiRajula a garland of pearls in her neck as a token of love, and this is how the love affair of the famous Amar Prem folklore takes place. Seems to climb. When Rajula’s father Sunapati realizes this love, he becomes very angry and asks his daughter Rajula repeatedly who put the beads of this pearl in your neck, but Rajula is unable to answer properly. Enraged, Sunapati leaves his business in half and returns to his home town of Darma and decides to marry his daughter Rajula to the Hun king of Tibet, Rishipal, when Rishipal is twice as old as Rajula about his daughter’s love affair. When the mother comes to know, she also feels very sad. In the meantime, see Lord Bagnath’s Leela, Malusahi also saw Rajula in his dream and in his dream also promised Rajula that I will take you from Darma one day.

  Rajulasaw the same dream at the same time, the love devotee Rajula decided that she would go to the nation of Bairath herself and meet Malusahi, she wanted to know the way from her mother, but the mother was too much confused by her decision to make a diamond at the time of night. With his determination, Rajularangili ran towards Bairath with his determination. She walks to the town of Bairath and meets Malusahi by way of a very difficult dagger, bumpy rough road, river, mountain, then Bageshwar, and suddenly weary of this, Malusahi is astonished when he reaches so far. Assures Rajula that he will soon come to Darma and get her married. Before coming back to her country wearing a diamond ring, MalusahiRajula says that if you have drank the milk of your beloved mother Rani Dharma Devi in ​​truth and your father is transmitting blood of Dulshahi in your blood, then you will love to marry me. Must come. It was a very difficult period for Malusahi. Malusahi got worried and shed his royal crown and clothes in the river. The protector of Malusahi devotees went to Guru Gorakhnathji’s shelter. Guru Gorakhnath sat meditating with Dhuni Ramaye. King Malusahi bowed to Guru Gorakhnath and said that Guru let me meet my Rajula. Then the king Malusahi, wearing ocher cloth, rubbed the ash of fire (ash) in his body and started insisting with Guru Gorakhnath that how will I get Rajula to guide me. Guru Gorakhnath also asked him to go back and take charge of the kingdom, but he was firm on his love.

     Seeing this, Guru Gorakhnath also gets compassionate and gets ready to help his devotee, Guru Gorakhnath fulfills every wish of his devotees in true mind and helps them. Then the compassionate Guru Gorakhnathji initiated Malusahi and also taught Boksadi lore, and the Guru also gave tantra mantras so that the poison of Hun and Shauka country could not be caught. With the blessings of Malusahi Guru Gorakhnath, a Katyuri army disguises as a monk and leaves the country with a passion. Both loving lovers recognize each other, as if the sadhaka’s sadhana and the seeker’s sadness also arise. Sunapati hobby also recognizes Malusahi. He had planned to eliminate Malusahi and his associates with his equipment. It was time to ask for years at the gate of Lord Bagnath, it was time to fulfill the wishes of the devotees of Guru Gorakhnath together. Sunapati Hobbies ordered his servants that all these are now our guests, make halwa whole kheer to serve them. But he mixes poison with deception in Kheer. Malusahi and his companions faint. Yogi Guru Siddhnath knows his condition with his power. He makes Malusahi and his companions alive with his mantra force. Malusahi wakes up and after consulting Guru Gorakhnath he attacks the army of Sunapati and Hun country with Katyuri army and Guru Kripa realizes, he is victorious, Sunapati is ashamed and gives the hand of his daughter Rajula to Malusahi . The spiritual practice of both becomes real. With the blessings of Lord Bagnath and Guru Gorakhnath ji, despair also turns into hope, and every dream of determination becomes a reality.

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