It is the northern state of India which is famous all over India for its culture, natural beauty, and traditional things. Dress is a significant area to address the way of life in any place. Uttarakhand’s culture, dress, food, and festivals make this state different from other states.

Uttarakhand traditional dress is an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions, which is why it is unique and distinctive. The traditional dress of Uttarakhand is known for its intricate designs, vibrant colors, and beautiful embroidery work. The dress is a reflection of the cultural values and beliefs of the people of Uttarakhand.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the traditional dress of Uttarakhand, exploring its history, significance, and different styles. We will also take a closer look at the materials used in making this dress and the various occasions where it is worn. So, get ready to embark on a journey through the vibrant and colorful world of Uttarakhand traditional dress!

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There is some Uttarakhand traditional dress of women and men of Kumaon, which look very beautiful in the women and men Kumaon.

The attire of Kumaoni women

The traditional dress of the women of Kumaon is Ghagra and Skirt and with it, they put Orni. Which is here known as ‘Pichhori’. The dresses of the brides of Kumaon are lehenga, ghagra, and choli. The traditional dress of the women here is Orni, which is very famous all over the country. The color of the ghagra of the women here is blue, which looks so beautiful. Most women also wear a dhoti.

Uttarakhand tradition dress, 
kumaoni uttarakhand traditional dress

She wears it on all auspicious occasions like auspicious functions, worship, wedding, janeu, etc. It is considered a symbol of ‘Suhag’.

It is specially worn by married women. It is a yellow-colored garment with a red dot painted on it. This pichhora is mainly worn by the bride at the time of marriage.


The Attire of Garhwali Women

Garhwali women wear Ghaghra dhoti, etc, which is black, and wear a cloth on the head called a scarf. A waistband is used to tie the waist, which is made of cloth. Along with this wears a full-sleeved blouse which is called ‘Angri’. Garhwali women have a particular way of wearing dhoti in which they tie the pallu from front to shoulder.

It remains true to keep the stuff. It is also convenient for women to work. The women here also wear jewelry (gold and silver) along with their Uttarakhand traditional dress. 


Kumaoni and Garhwali’s traditional Uttarakhand dresses are slightly different from each other, but the men of Uttarakhand have almost the same outfit. Men of the Kumaon and Garhwali regions wear dhoti-kameez, dhoti-kurta, pajama kurta, etc. The waistcoat is worn over the kurta and a white round cap is worn on the head. This is the common dress of our community men. 


Here are some traditional ornaments of women, which are as follows:


The food of Uttarakhand and the cooks of Uttarakhand are famous all over the world. Some popular dishes of Uttarakhand are :

  1. Manduwe ki Roti – Manduye ki roti is a famous food of Uttarakhand. It is made after grinding the manduve into flour. It is eaten with ground salt and butter.
  2. Churkani or Bhattwani – Bhat (Black Bean) is first roasted and then finely ground, it is a famous food of Uttarakhand state. It is made of both gram and black beans.
  3. Jholi ya Kari- This is a famous dish of Kumaon which is eaten with rice. Whey and soaked rice are used to make it.
  4. Bhang ki Chatni-  One of the famous chutneys of Uttarakhand is Bhang ki chutney. Hemp chutney is made by grinding hemp seeds, cumin, garlic leaves, tamarind, and salt together. This chutney can be eaten with any dish.
  5. Kandaali ka Saag- It is also called scorpion grass because of the thorns in the kandali. The kandali is cooked by boiling and eaten with rice or roti.
  6. Bari- Bari is one of the oldest dishes of Uttarakhand.
  7. Chanson( Vigna Mungo)- Chainsu is made from split black grams and eaten with rice, which is high in protein.


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What is the traditional dress of Uttarakhand?

The main dress of the women of the Kumaon and Garhwal regions is Ghagra, wearing a shirt or blouse over the ghagra and wearing a waistband at the waist.u003cbru003eThe main dress of the men of Uttarakhand wears a dhoti-kurta, a shirt-pajama, a kurta-lungi, and a waistcoat over it and puts a white round cap on the head.u003cbru003e 

Which state is famous for its nose ring Jewelry called Garhwali Nath?

Uttarakhand traditional dress

Uttarakhand state is famous for Garhwali Nath. Garhwali Nath looks very beautiful in shape. The Garhwali Nath is the traditional ornament of Gadhwali, which is worn around the nose. This Nath is famous not only in Garhwal but all over India.

How many languages are there in Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand state is famous for Garhwali Nath. Garhwali Nath looks very beautiful in shape. The Garhwali Nath is the traditional ornament of Gadhwali, which is worn around the nose. This Nath is famous not only in Garhwal but all over India.

What is the traditional dress of Dehradun?

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. The women’s traditional dress is Ghaghra-Choli, Angri, and the men’s dress is Dhoti-Kurta. In modern society, women wear suit-pajamas and men wear jeans-shirts.

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