Explore the 9 Best Places to Visit in Haridwar

Haridwar, known as the gateway to the gods, is a city steeped in history and spirituality. There are many places to visit in Haridwar. It holds immense significance in Hindu mythology and is one of the holiest places in India. In this article, we will embark on a journey to explore Haridwar’s ancient sites in a single day, immersing ourselves in this revered city’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

So here are some of the places to visit in Haridwar

1. Har Ki Pauri

Places to visit in Haridwar

Har Ki Pauri is the iconic landmark of Haridwar, known for its historical and religious significance. It is believed to be the spot where Lord Vishnu left his footprint on a stone during the churning of the cosmic ocean. Every evening, the famous Ganga Aarti takes place here, where devotees gather to witness the mesmerizing ceremony and offer their prayers to the sacred river.

2. Mansa Devi Temple

Perched on the Bilwa Parvat, Mansa Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa, the wish-fulfilling deity. Legend has it that the temple grants the wishes of its devotees. To reach the temple, one can either undertake a steep trek or opt for the convenient cable car ride, offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscape.

3. Chandi Devi Temple

Situated atop the Neel Parvat, Chandi Devi Temple is one of the most revered shrines in Haridwar. It is believed to be the abode of Goddess Chandi, who is worshipped as a fierce form of Goddess Parvati. The temple can be reached by a thrilling cable car ride, offering breathtaking vistas of the majestic Ganges and lush forests.

4. Daksha Mahadev Temple

Daksha Mahadev Temple is a significant ancient temple associated with the mythological story of Daksha and Sati. It is believed to be the site where Goddess Sati’s father, Daksha, organized a grand yagna (sacrificial ritual) and where she immolated herself in protest. The temple’s architecture showcases intricate carvings and sculptures, depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.

5. Bharat Mata Mandir

Bharat Mata Mandir is a unique temple dedicated to Mother India. It is a multistory building where each floor represents different aspects of India’s cultural and historical heritage. From the freedom fighters’ gallery to the 3D map of undivided India, the temple offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of the nation’s glorious past.

6. Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple is one of the oldest and most revered temples in Haridwar, dating back to the 11th century. It is dedicated to Goddess Maya, the incarnation of Shakti, and is believed to be the spot where Goddess Sati’s heart and navel fell during Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance. Devotees visit the temple to seek blessings and participate in various rituals and ceremonies.

7. Shantikunj Ashram

Places to visit In haridwar l Shantikunj Ashram

Shantikunj Ashram, founded by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, is a renowned center for spiritual and moral upliftment. It offers a peaceful and serene environment for seekers of spiritual knowledge and self-transformation. The ashram conducts various activities, including meditation sessions, yoga classes, and discourses on spiritual and social topics.

8. Pawan Dham

Pawan Dham is a captivating temple known for its intricate glasswork and exquisite sculptures. The temple’s walls and ceilings are adorned with colorful glass pieces that create a mesmerizing play of light and reflection. The artwork depicts scenes from Hindu mythology, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans.

9. Sapt Rishi Ashram

Sapt Rishi Ashram, located on the banks of the sacred Ganges, holds immense spiritual significance. According to Hindu mythology, it is the place where seven sages, known as Sapt Rishis, meditated in ancient times. The ashram offers a serene and meditative atmosphere, allowing visitors to connect with their inner selves and experience tranquillity.

In a single day, one can embark on a captivating journey through Haridwar‘s historical treasures. From the sacred ghats to ancient temples and spiritual retreats, each site offers a unique glimpse into the city’s rich heritage. Exploring these ancient sites in Haridwar is not just a journey through history, but also an opportunity to connect with spirituality and experience the divine essence of this revered city.

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